Keira jones marketing


Hi there! I’m Keira, part freelancer, part creator, part TikTok coach.

Enneagram 1, dog mom, wife, business owner & proud AZ resident obsessed with the sun.

Once upon a time

I went from a 9-5 gal, to an ethical-fashion blogger, then a reseller, and ended up... a TikTok Coach. 

Throughout my pursuit of these (and a few other) ventures, I always enjoyed creating. A big portion of my gigs had me online, in front of a camera, building an audience. Eventually, I found my way into the world of social media & digital marketing....and I fell in love immediately.

I quickly became passionate about teaching business owners, creators, and influencers about how to succeed on social media, and specifically on TikTok. 

5+ years in and loving it here

Now I help business owners crush it on TikTok & grow their business through effortless creation

From small business owners who are just getting started, to multi-million dollar brands, I have worked hard to help my clients show up on social with confidence and build a brand they've only dreamed of.

How? Here's the thing, when you feel like you HAVE to create, the "ehh" and "ugh" shows through the screen. I believe the most genuine content, the kind that really connects with people, is born out of joy and genuine creativity. That's why I put my all into helping my clients find their TikTok sweet spot and get excited about creating content again. Because when you thrive, so does your business.

So, I hope to be an encouraging resource for you: the business owner who wants to show up, wants to create, and wants to see growth while enjoying the journey to the top.



a quick little summary

Keira is the owner and founder of Keira Jones Marketing. She's passionate about  helping other business owners create content that elevates their presence and grows their brand. She hopes to be your go-to marketing girl and your TikTok BFF.




If I had to pick one thing to wear for the rest of my life - it'd be biker shorts.


I'm allergic to all raw fruits and vegetables.


Pretty much iced coffee obsessed (but what business owner isn't...)


I'm an Oregon girl who now calls the desert in Phoenix, AZ her home!


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