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I've condensed my best TikTok tips and tricks into some really powerful resources that will help you breathe new life into content that's falling flat. All you have to do is download and start implementing, or jump on a call with me to dive into custom strategy.

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TikTok Script Templates

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Turn Up Your Tiktok

Whether you need budget-friendly tips from an expert or are looking for more customized 1:1 strategy - I've got you covered! Check out my services for all things TikTok below.

Know exactly what to say when it comes time to film and start creating scroll-stopping content asap. This Google Sheets template includes 12 of my best performing, templatized scripts that you can use for mega TikTok growth! AND... it went viral!

This template is a must if you:

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Always feeling one step behind? Hop on trends while they're still hot to maximize their impact. I'll send weekly trends right to your inbox so you don't have to scroll through endless content to find them.

What you'll get:

A deep dive into your TikTok account to help clarify the right direction for your content based on your niche. Followed by a 1-hour debrief, this audit will give you a solid game plan and actionable next steps to launch you into a new phase of creating for growth!

8-10 page full audit

bio suggestions

Content/series suggestions with examples

10+ hooks customized to your audience

Access to my TikTok Script Templates

Feedback on lighting, editing, text, filters, etc.

30-50 hashtags optimized for your niche

1-hour coaching call debrief

a weekly email with 7-10 trends every Tuesday

Links to each sound for easy access

Links to examples to see it in action

instructions for applying it all

need to get unstuck with tiktok ideas

Need Help organizing  and tracking all your Tiktok concepts 

provide tiktok management as a service to clients

A full hour to ask me anything! Need help with your social strategy? Unsure how to execute email or influencer marketing? Thinking of starting your own social media management business? Great! This call will help get you on track with whatever is going to help you grow and scale your biz!

brainstorm with a tiktok expert

talk through anything that's holding you back

Gain Clarity on everything algorithm

walk away with the confidence to create

Kind Words

Her recommendations were so easy to understand and actionable that the write-up alone would have kept me busy for a long time, but she takes it a step further and schedules a 1-hour call as part of the package. She went through the audit with me and also answered my myriad of questions about TikTok. Her advice re-energized me and made me super excited to create new content.

-Jessica Blasingame

“After my call with Keira I was much clearer on how to not only grow on TikTok but to grow in a way that made sense for my schedule. Her tactics directly resulted in me growing our account to 11,000 followers in three days!”


I had a 1 hour call with Keira to help me understand TIKTOK and I took 5 pages of notes!! She is amazing at breaking down the steps of how to make powerful TikTok’s and I can’t wait to dive more into her resources! 

— Jordan English

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Don't do it alone

A little support goes a long way

The climb to TikTok success can be a lonely journey if you attempt it alone, but you absolutely don't have to.

These resources have been designed to give your content creation an extra boost and light the path to more engagement, more followers, and more sales for your business. I am passionate about helping business owners THRIVE on social, and my hope is that these resources support you in doing just that. 

If you need additional help with tiktok, check out my tiktok coaching service


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